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10354: Export Client Email Addresses to Excel

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I want to use Excel to maintain an email list of my Drake clients. How can I move client email addresses from the software into Excel?

Drake Report Manager can export client email addresses to Excel. Excel must be installed, or you can export to a .CSV file for use with another spreadsheet software. To generate and export a list of all client email addresses, open Drake Tax and follow the steps listed below.

Prepare a custom report that includes all client email addresses:

  1. Go to Reports > Report Manager to open Report Editor – Step 1.
    1. Select New Report. When prompted to Choose Report Type, select Tax Return Data and click OK.
    2. Enter a Report Title, such as "All Clients with Email Addresses."
    3. Select the column headings for the report. In the Available Columns list, scroll down, click a column heading and click Select. Do this for each column heading:
      Taxpayer First Name
      Taxpayer Last Name
      Email Address
  2. When all three columns are listed in the Selected Report Columns list, click Next to proceed to Report Editor – Step 2.
    1. Click Edit Filters to open Filter Manager.
    2. Under Available Filters, select All Clients and click Copy Filter.  At the prompt for a Filter Name, enter "All Client Email Addresses" and click OK.
    3. With the new filter selected in Available Filters, click Add Condition.
    4. From the Keyword Name drop list, select Email Address, and from the Comparison drop list, select is not Blank. Click OK.
  3. Click Save to save the new filter and return to Report Editor – Step 2. If you want the report sorted by the taxpayer's last name, select Taxpayer Last Name from the Sort/Summarize drop list (you also can sort by columns in Excel).
  4. Click Save again to return to Report Manager. The new report will be listed under My Reports.

View and export the custom report to Excel

  1. From Report Manager, find the new report under My Reports. Select it and click View Report. (If prompted to create the report again using current data, click Yes.)
  2. At the Basic Search Conditions screen showing all return types, results and activities selected, click Continue. The report is displayed.
  3. Click the Export toolbar button. (If you want to export a .CSV file, make that selection from the Export button drop list.)  Excel opens and displays the report. For each client who has an email address, the client's first and last name, and email address are shown.

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