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10633: 1040 - Date on Return

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How can I change the date on a return back to the date it was originally processed without changing the date on my entire system?

In the data entry mode of the return, go to the Miscellaneous tab > PRNT screen. Enter the desired date in the Date to print on returns field. This will change the date on Form 8879 to the entered date, rather than today's date. The date that shows on Form 1040 pulls from the date entered on the PIN screen. 

Note: You cannot change the due date of the extension. The due date will be the default extended due date of the return based on the return type and calendar or fiscal year entries.

To turn the date on return option on/off, go to Setup > Options > Optional Items on Return > check or uncheck Date on Return.

For steps on restoring the archive of the version of the return that was selected for e-filing, see Related Links below. 

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