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10795: Error 70 - Permission Denied

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How do I troubleshoot Error 70 - Permission Denied?


This error generally indicates that a file or path is not able to be accessed by the user because of security settings. The problem can occur in either a standalone or network installation of Drake.

To troubleshoot an Error 70 issue, you must:

  • Know where DrakeYY is installed on your computer or your network.
    • In a standalone or a peer-to-peer installation, the Drake folder usually is on the local C drive.  The executable file that opens the program can be either C:/DrakeYY/FT/DStart.exe or C:/DrakeYY/FT/DrakeYY.exe (where “YY” is the year).
    • For an NW Client installation, the path will begin with the shared network drive.
  • Log in to your computer or network as Admin.
    • If you log in as a user, you may lack permission to take some of the necessary actions.
    • If you are unable to log in as an Administrator to Windows, you may need to contact your IT professional for assistance. 
  • After taking the corrective action(s) detailed below, confirm the results by logging out of the computer, rebooting, and then logging back in to your computer or network as a user. Open the software, perform the action that previously caused error 70, and observe whether or not the error recurs.

Error 70 problems:

I get error 70 when trying to open the program.

  1. Confirm that the icon used to open the program points to the correct target.
    • Right click on the icon, choose Properties and view the Target line, which should point to the Drake executable.
    • Fix the target line if it is incorrect.
    • If this doesn’t solve the problem, proceed to step 2.
  2. Try to launch the program from the FT folder on the hard drive.
    • In Computer navigate to the Drake executable in the FT folder in your Drake installation folder which is located on your computer's hard drive or network drive.
    • Right click on DrakeYY.exe and from the drop list select Open.
      • If this works, create a new shortcut to the Drake Program.
        • Right click on DrakeYY.exe, and select from the drop list Send to and Desktop (create shortcut).
      • If this doesn’t work, reboot the computer. If this still does not work, you may have to resolve a permissions issue.  Proceed to step 3 below.

I get error 70 when trying to log in or to use the program.

  1. Make sure Drake files and folders are not marked read-only.
    • Right click on the DrakeYY folder, select Properties.
    • Near the bottom of the Properties box, confirm that the box Read-only is not checked.
    • If it is, click to un-check.
    • Apply the change to all sub-folders and files.
    • Reboot your computer. 
    • If this doesn’t solve the problem, proceed to step 4.
  2. Confirm user permissions.
    • Each Drake user must have full permission both to read and to modify files in all folders within the DrakeYY folder (where “YY” is the year).
    • Depending on the operating system you use, the necessary permission may be shown as Read and Write (or Modify), or Full Control.
    • If permissions are set to Full, right click on the shortcut icon or executable, and select Run As Administrator (steps may vary depending on Operating System). 
  3. If you are on a peer-to-peer network, confirm that the file-sharing paths indicated at Setup > Data Locations are correct and that the files and folders at the indicated locations have permissions properly set for all users.
  4. Reboot after making any changes and try the process again. 

You may have to ask your network administrator to adjust the permission settings on the computer’s hard drive or network. Permission may be denied due to security settings at the file, folder, hard drive, or network level.

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