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11538: EF Database Rebuild Process

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What is the EF database rebuild process and when might I need an EF rebuild? 

A Drake Software user may need a rebuilt EF Database after one of the following events:

  • A hard drive crash
  • A corrupt database
  • "Bank Ack Post Failure" 
  • "Client Record Post Failure"
  • Filing occurs from two separate computers (generally this is not supported; see in Related Links below).

A damaged EF Database may prevent you from posting acknowledgements, printing checks, or reviewing the filing status of a submitted return. If one of these events occurs, contact Drake Software Support immediately at (828) 524-8020. After troubleshooting your particular issue, a Drake Customer Service Representative (CSR) may be able to request a partial or complete rebuild of your EF database.

Important: An EF Rebuild will only replace your EF data (acknowledgements). No other client data or return data is restored by this process. 

If you have requested an EF rebuild, you may continue to work in data entry, but do not transmit or receive files or acks until you are advised that the e-file database rebuild has been approved. Transmission during this interim period may further delay the rebuild process.

Note: A rebuild for a prior year return transmitted in the current year cannot be completed. 

Please remember to back up all your files each day (both Client and EF Database). This will help prevent data loss if one of these events occurs. Drake Software will not be able to assist you with restoring client data if you have not made a backup (Tools > File Maintenance > Backup). See Related Links below for details on making and restoring backups. 

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