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10804: Pay Per Return - Restrictions and Notes

Pay Per Return (PPR)

If you are a Pay Per Return user, please be aware of the following PPR restrictions and notes.
PPR Installation
  • Drake Tax can be installed on peer-to-peer networks.
    • On networks not using a true server (networks where one computer is designated a “server” and the other computers share files through that computer), returns can be redeemed on any of the computers in the network. Do not, however, transmit from more than one computer.
  • Drake Tax can be installed on a server.
    • On networks using a true server, all returns are redeemed from the server, and all computers on the network have access to all the returns through the server. 
  • Redeemed returns can be moved to other computers.
    • A redeemed return can be copied and moved to another computer without counting against your total. Both computers must have the same ERO setup in order to allow for this movement. 

Internet Access 

  • Your Drake Tax program comes with your purchased PPRs installed. These returns, and any additional returns you purchase, are available immediately for redemption, provided your system is connected to the Internet.
  • To purchase or redeem returns, your computer must be connected to the Internet, and you must complete ERO and Firm setup. The number of returns purchased and the number of returns redeemed will be recorded on your computer.
  • Returns cannot be purchased or redeemed by phone.
  • Returns can only be redeemed one at a time. 

Changing File Types

You are only able to change a business/estate return to another type of business/estate return. You cannot change a business/estate return to a 1040, or vice versa. The file type can be changed one time under the Tools menu. An attempt to change the file type a second time will result in the following message "The return type has already been changed on this tax return. Additional changes not allowed."

Business/Estate Returns 

Zero (0) business/estate returns are included with your initial PPR purchase. You must purchase a business/estate return before you will be able to redeem and create a business or estate return. 

Using PPRs

Each return is a PPR Each return created counts as one PPR. Do not create unnecessary returns in the software. When a return is first created you are reminded that this return will count against your total PPRs. Use the available Drake practice returns for data entry practice.
PPRs can be transferred to other users in the same office Redeemed returns can be moved to other computers: A redeemed return can be copied and moved to another computer without counting against your total.
SSN verification A required SSN verification field on the New Return screen helps reduce errors.
SSNs or EINs entered on screen 1 cannot be edited. Once a return has an SSN or EIN entered, the return counts toward your total and cannot be added back to your PPR bank of unredeemed returns.

Changing or correcting SSNs The Tools > File Maintenance > Change ID Number on Return feature is available in the PPR package to change the primary SSN, but you will be charged for another PPR if you use it. Spouse and dependent SSNs can be changed as needed.
Changing names Names can be changed or corrected without a charge for another PPR.
Prior-year returns When opening a prior-year return, you are prompted to pay for the return or open it in read-only mode. Entries cannot be made from read-only mode.
Quick Estimator A return entered in the Quick Estimator counts as one PPR. In PPR mode, each use of the Quick Estimator starts a new return and counts against your total of purchased and unredeemed PPRs. The use of the Quick Estimator with already started returns does not count against your total.
 Splitting MFJ to two MFS returns Since the MFJ return was activated using the primary taxpayer's SSN, another return is not charged for the taxpayer's MFS return creation. When you are opening the spouse's MFS return, you will be required to activate/redeem a second return since this would be a unique primary SSN for the spouse's MFS return. 
Proformas and Organizers Print proformas and organizers for gathering information from your clients without your being charged for a return. From the menu bar of the Home window, select Last Year Data > Organizers or Last Year Data > Proformas.

For more PPR information, see Related Links below or the Pay Per Return (PPR) user's manual at Drake Support online (Support > Documents > Manual Supplements).

Some states are requiring certain fields to be verified upon update. If the SSN field is highlighted in green, as a PPR user you will be unable to click directly in that field. After verifying that the entries on screen 1 are correct, right-click and choose Clear Flags on this Screen. See Related Links below for details on these limitations. 

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