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11086: AL - Automatic Extension of Return Due Date


How do I request an automatic extension of the return due date for an Alabama return? 

If a taxpayer does not expect to owe, they do not need to file for an extension of time to file the Alabama return. Alabama grants a single automatic extension of time to file. The extension does not affect the taxpayer’s obligation to pay the full tax due on the original filing date. If there is a payment due, it must be sent along with the extension voucher by the original due date.

The automatic extension is for six months, except for partnerships and fiduciary returns who only get a five-month extension.

Alabama does not allow electronic filing of extensions through software vendors at this time.

Generating an Extension in Drake Tax

  • Zero Balance Due or Refund
    • Forms are not required to be filed if the balance due is zero or the taxpayer is due a refund. To show the extended due date on the Result Letter, on the Alabama EXT screen, Automatic Extension Payment (located on the Other tab), check the box Generate an extension.
  • Balance Due and Payment
    • When Generate an extension is checked, the Alabama Voucher will produce as an Automatic Extension Payment Voucher. The extension voucher must be mailed with any amount due to the mailing address at the top of the voucher page.

Extension vouchers

  • Income taxes
    • Individual – AL40V
    • Business income taxes (AL20C, AL20S, AL65) – AL BIT-V
    • Fiduciary tax – AL FDT-V
  • Business privilege taxes

IMPORTANT: Alabama Payment Vouchers require a bar code that includes the payment amount within that bar code. Therefore, the payment vouchers will only generate when there is a Balance Due on the return, and blank vouchers cannot be printed or produced. In the AL extension screen, enter an amount in the "Amount of payment" field.  The amount entered in this field will be carried to the voucher.

Filing the regular AL return

When the return is complete and you are ready to file it on or before the extended due date, go to the AL EXT screen and enter the actual Amount paid with extension (or enter zero (0) if nothing was paid), and check the box I have filed the extension and am now ready to do a regular return.

Caution: Do not delete the EXT screen. Deleting the extension screen will change the Due Date of Return as shown on the Instructions and Result Letter to the original/non-extended due date for the return.

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