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Where can I enter a Form 1098-C?

There is no separate data entry screen for Form 1098-C, Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats and Airplanes. To claim a deduction for donation of a motor vehicle, use screen 8283. Complete the section Additional Information for Vehicle Donations Reported on 1098-C (this allows Form 1098-C to be generated in view mode and clears EF message 5221).

After entry of a vehicle donation reported on Form 1098-C, the software produces message 6028 to prevent e-filing until a PDF attachment is made, or a PDI is indicated. See Publication 526 for details on IRS requirements. If you are e-filing the return, either:

  1. Attach Form 1098-C as a PDF.
    • An attach PDF icon appears in view.
  2. On the EF screen, select the checkbox for Form 1098-C under the Form 8453 Paper Document Indicator (PDI) section.
    • This generates Form 8453 in view mode with Form 1098-C checked. This must be paper-filed with Form 1098-C attached to provide the IRS with a copy of Form 1098-C for the e-filed return. 
See Related Links below for more information on e-filing attachments and on the use of PDIs. 

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