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11716: 1040 - Railroad Retirement Benefits (RRB)

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Where do I enter information from Forms RRB-1099-R and RRB-1099?


Look at the bottom left side of the form to see if it is an RRB-1099-R or RRB-1099.

Form Entry Screen
RRB-1099-R Screen RRB (Income tab)
Screen RRP (Income tab). For Medicare premiums, enter RRB-1099 box 11, Medicare Premium Total, in the field labeled Description of amount in box 3: Medicare premiums deducted from benefits on screen RRP.
Alternatively, enter box 5 amounts on screen 3, line 6a (line 5a in Drake18 and Drake19, line 20a in Drake17 and prior), in the field Net railroad Social Security equivalent Tier 1 benefits received for 20YY. If box 5 amounts are entered on screen RRP and line 6a of screen 3, they are totaled on the return.

The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board explains:

"Form RRB-1099 reports the Social Security Equivalent Benefit (SSEB) portion of tier 1 and special guaranty benefits paid and repaid to citizens and/or residents of the United States, and the related U.S. Federal income tax withheld. SSEB payments are similar to social security benefits for U.S. Federal income tax purposes.


Form RRB-1099-R reports the taxable amounts paid, repaid, and the related U.S. Federal income tax withheld from, the Non-Social Security Equivalent Benefit (NSSEB) portion of the tier 1, tier 2, vested dual benefit (VDB), and supplemental annuity payments. These payments are treated as private pensions."

​Also see Publication 575 and the 1040 Instructions for details.  

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