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11960: OH - Not All Income Flows to Individual Generic City Tax Return


Why is all my income not flowing to the generic city tax return?

There are generally two reasons for this.

  1. The Resident City on federal screen 1 (Name and Address) is not entered. The residency of the Individual generic city return is determined automatically by the resident city on federal screen 1.
    • If the filing city on the Ohio GEN screen does not match the resident city, then the generic return is calculated as a nonresident and only the income specifically designated for that city is included.
    • If the filing city does match the resident city, then all taxable income is included regardless of where it is earned. This may also be overridden by entering amounts on the Income tab of the GEN screen.
  2. An incorrect TSJ code is selected on the Ohio GEN screen. The TSJ code determines for which spouse the generic return is being filed and subsequently includes only that spouse’s income. On a joint filing return, if a joint city return is to be filed, then the TSJ code should be set to J or left blank and both spouses’ income will be included on the return. T or S should be selected only if filing separate returns for each spouse. On a single filing return, the TSJ code should be set to T or left blank.

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