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13372: Turn Off Drake Reminders for Scheduler Appointments


A notification from an icon in my system tray says "Drake Reminders Now Running". How do I turn that off?


Drake Reminders is a background program that advises the logged-in preparer of an impending Scheduler appointment. It is enabled by selecting the option and setting the minutes value on the Setup > Appointments tab in the Scheduler.

At the time it is turned on, this notice appears:

You can turn it off

  • on the Appointments tab in the Scheduler, and it remains off until you again select the option. Turn it off by clearing the check mark from the option box.
  • temporarily, from the system tray, and it remains off until the next time you log in to Drake. Right-click the Drake Reminders icon in the system tray and select Turn Off Reminders.

    The next time you log in to Drake, the reminders program is started and you see the "Drake Reminders Now Running" notification.

Note: When you are running Drake Reminders, the Update Installer closes it before installing updates. When Drake again reopens, the Drake Reminders notification is displayed. However, occasionally a delay in closing Drake Reminders can prevent installation of updates after downloading. Trying again to install the updates usually resolves the problem. Another solution is to turn off Drake Reminders from the system tray. If the problem persists, call Drake Support, (828) 524-8020.

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