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13800: Business Returns - EF Notice Page, Similar to Form 9325

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Is there an acknowledgment document for business package returns like Form 9325 in the 1040 package?

Form 9325, Acknowledgment and General Information for Taxpayers who File Returns Electronically, appears only in 1040 returns.

Business returns (1041, 1065, 1120, and 1120S packages) generate an EF Notice, or a state EF Notice, page in view that serves as an acknowledgement that the return has been transmitted through the software and received by the IRS. Not an IRS form, this Drake-created form (Acknowledgment and General Information for Entities That File Returns Electronically) serves much the same function in business returns as the IRS Form 9325 serves in 1040 returns.

This form is called EF_ACK in Drake16 and prior.
There is no option to automatically email the EF Notice page to the business taxpayer.
This only shows for extensions and the regular return; amended returns are not included on this notice page. 

When you e-file a business return and receive a P ack, the top section of the EF Notice page is completed:

When the return is accepted and acknowledgments are downloaded and processed, the second section is completed, which includes the submission ID:

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