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14941: ND - EF Messages 0041, 0042, and 0043

North Dakota

How do I clear North Dakota red messages 0041, 0042, or 0043 on an individual return?

EF Message 0041, 0042, or 0043:

ND Electronic Filing Not allowed

Form ND38K1 - Information is missing from the North Dakota Fiduciary SchK-1 screen. Return to data entry and review information required.

*TS - Enter the T/S code to indicate for Taxpayer or Spouse.

*ID Number - Enter the EIN for the PTR/SBS/FID Information.

*Name - Enter the NAME of the PTR/SBS/FID Information.

**NOTE: There must be a corresponding ND38K1 screen for every Federal K1F, K1P, or K1S screen.

To resolve this message, go to Data Entry > States Tab > North Dakota > Income Tab > Screen FK1, PK1, or SK1 > Create a ND38K1, ND58K1, or ND60K1 screen (as applicable) for each beneficiary, partner, or shareholder. 

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