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14912: OR - Working Family Household and Dependent Care (WFHDC)


Why am I receiving red messages regarding the Oregon Working Family Household and Dependent Care (WFHDC) credit, and how would I clear them?

According Publication OR-17, the Working Family Child Care (WFC) and Child and Dependent Care credit were retired by Oregon as of December 31st, 2015. As a replacement for these credits, a new Working Family Household and Dependent Care (WFHDC) credit has been created. This refundable credit is available to low to moderate income families who paid for dependent care during the year for one or more qualifying individuals.

Within Drake Tax, the Schedule WFHDC for the Working Family Household and Dependent Care (WFHDC) credit is populated using the information entered on the federal 2441 - Child Care Credit screen. If the state information differs from the federal 2441, within the OR data entry, edits can be made to the WFC (for provider information) and WFC2 (for qualifying individuals) screens. 

If Schedule WFHDC is not producing in the View mode, ensure that if a married filing jointly (MFJ) return, that neither spouse has negative income and hasn’t indicated that he or she is in school or disabled. Both of these factors will keep this schedule from producing. 

In addition to the previously mentioned requirements, EF Messages 0037 or 0048 can produce if a relationship code has not been entered on the federal 2441 screen. These errors read as follows:

EF Message 0037: 

Child to provider relationship codes are required for all providers on the Schedule WFHDC (WFHDC-NP for non-residents and part-year). Enter the relationship code on the federal 2441 in the MISC field (view help for that field to see current Oregon relationship codes).

EF Message 0048: 

OR WFHDC - Invalid Provider Relationship Code entered.

Return to the Federal 2441 Screen or the OR WFHDC screen and review the providers valid relationship codes in the located in the help files in the ST Misc field (Fed 2441 Screen) or the Child to Provider Relationship field (OR WFHDC screen).

To clear these messages, return to data entry of the 2441 screen and in the MISC box to the right of the screen, enter one of the following Child-to-Provider codes shown below. Once a Child-to-Provider code has been entered, the red message(s) should be cleared. 

Oregon Child-to-Provider relationship codes:

OR - Other relative
NR - Other nonrelative

To clear EF Message 0060, verify that the amount paid for childcare is accurately entered for each dependent. If there was no amount paid, do not enter 0 (leave the field blank instead). EF Message 0060 states: 

OR Working Family Household and Dependent Care Credit

The total amount paid to providers by the taxpayer on Line 4 is not matching the Line 10 total amount of taxpayer paid expenses on WFHDC Section 2. See the OR Notes for additional information or review the entries made on the ORWFHDC screens.

For income limitations or more information on the Oregon Working Family Household and Dependent Care (WFHDC) credit, see Publication OR-17

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