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14114: PA - Linking Schedule UE to a Federal Data Entry Screen


How do I link my Schedule UE, Allowable Employee Business Expense, to a Federal data entry screen? 


To link a PA Schedule UE to a particular federal W2 screen, enter the number of the Federal W2 screen that corresponds to the expenses listed on the PA UE screen.


The W-2 # field refers to the order the Federal W2 screens were entered. If the expenses listed are for the employer on the W2 screen that was keyed in second, enter a 2 in this field. The system will retrieve the information on that particular W2 screen and use the employer name and address information listed there for the UE. To prevent a federal form from flowing to this Schedule UE, enter a 0 (zero).

Can I link multiple PAUE - Allowable Employee Business Expenses forms to the same W2? 
No. A separate federal W2 screen is necessary for each instance of the PA Schedule UE form. Two UE forms cannot be linked to the same W2 screen. A separate PA UE screen should be completed for each employer for which the employee will be deducting unreimbursed employee expenses. When the UE screen is linked to a W2 screen, the Schedule UE will populate with the employer information listed on that particular W2 screen. 

According to the
PA 40 instructions:

"You and your spouse must file these schedules separately, each reporting only your own income, expenses and net income (losses)"

Note: ​​If you leave the W-2# field blank, the program will use data from the first W2 entered for the spouse claiming the PAUE deductions.

2106, Sch A, or 3903 

Enter the number of the Federal 2106, A or 3903 screen that corresponds to the expenses listed for this instance of the PA Schedule UE.

For more information on PA Schedule UE, see Related Links below. 

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