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14171: 1040 - No SS Benefits Entered - Note 123

1040 Individual

Why am I getting Return Note 123 on this 1040 return? The client did not have any Social Security benefits. 

Return Note 123 reads:

NO SS BENEFITS ENTERED. The taxpayer and/or spouse is 62 or older OR disabled, but no Social Security benefits are entered on the return. Review the return to ensure this is correct.

This note is present on any return with a taxpayer and/or spouse that has reached the age of 62 that does not have a SSA 1099-SSA Social Security screen entered in data entry of the return. If the client has received a 1099-SSA form, the information can be entered on the SSA screen. If the absence of the form is correct, no further action is needed. The note will not prevent e-filing of the return, but will remain for informational purposes.

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