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14248: Drake Zero - User's Manual

Drake Zero + Web1040

How can I access information about the setup and use of my Drake Zero account?

The Drake Zero User's Manual can provide useful information about setting up, navigating and return preparation using the Drake Zero program. Some features may be slightly different depending on whether the account is a Single Site (using only one EFIN) or a Multi Site (using more than one EFIN, also referred to as Web1040). 

See Attachments below to access the Single Site or Multi-Site User's Manual.


2019-2020 Drake Zero Manual.pdf 1.00 MB, 4.6K views
2018 Single Site Manual.pdf 1.00 MB, 5.9K views
2018 Multi-Site Manual.pdf 2.00 MB, 5.6K views
2017 Drake Zero Single Site.pdf 1.00 MB, 9.7K views
2017 Drake Zero Multi-Site.pdf 2.00 MB, 23K views

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