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17861: Drake User Manager - Overview and Configuration

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What features are available in the new User Manager interface? 


The new Drake User Manager allows you to set up and configure access for all the users in one place. To get started, go to and log in with your email address and account password. You can also launch this by going to the support website > Account > User Info.

All existing user account information for your firm was moved to the new Drake User Manager on October 19, 2022 with the release of the single sign-on model. Drake Portals, Drake Zero, and Web1040 accounts are available in Drake User Manager starting November 21, 2022 and the login to the websites from your bookmarked URL now use the SSO credentials.
Note that you may need to configure access to the app by following the steps below.
If you have forgotten your account password, see Related Links below for reset steps.

Once you have logged in, you will see a variety of options depending on what role was selected when your account was set up by the account owner. For example, someone with a role of "user" will have fewer options than someone with a role of "admin." Only administrators can create and edit details for other account holders with the Manage Accounts feature. The Drake User Manager website will log a user out after 10 minutes of inactivity. 


Non-admin users only have three options on the left: ApplicationsMy Account, and Log OutAdmin users have four sections (shown above): ApplicationsMy Account, Manage Accounts, and Log Out.

Note that manage accounts in this context does not mean your Drake Software Account, but rather the User Account for each person who should have access to the applications purchased and licensed through Drake. 

Sections below: 


This section allows you access to the Drake Software Support Website, Drake Portals, Drake Zero, and Web1040 with a single click. 

Applications available in the My Apps may require an additional subscription or purchase. Adding them in the application drop list does not purchase or subscribe to the additional application or service for your account. 

My Account

From the My Account section, a user can see the details of their own user account. Five tabs are available: Details, Change Password, Multi-Factor Authentication, Security Questions, and User Activity.

You can make changes to your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address from the Details tab. For more detailed information about email address changes, see Related Links below. 

Change your password on the Change Password tab. For information about recovering a forgotten password, see Related Links below. 

Configure Multi-Factor Authentication with an authenticator app on your mobile device from the Multi-Factor Authentication tab.

  • Note that MFA via email is enabled by default with single sign-on. The option discussed above allows you to use an authenticator app instead of email, when enabled. 
  • If a user enables the use of an authenticator app, but loses or changes their MFA device, any user with the Admin role can disable two factor authentication by logging into the User Manager and going to Manage Accounts > User Details > select the user > click the hamburger button > select Disable Two Factor Authentication:

If you are planning to change MFA devices, log in to your Drake User Manager and toggle the option to Use authenticator App off prior to changing devices. Once you switch to your new device, you can toggle the option back on and configure the app for the new device. If there is only one user with the Admin role and that user loses their MFA device, they will need to contact Drake Support for assistance at (828) 524-8020. 

Make changes to the security questions chosen and update your answers from the Security Questions tab: 

The User Activity tab will show the actions taken for your user account (including onboarding and role changes). Users with the Admin role enabled will see activity for other users as well as their own activity. 

Manage Accounts

This section is only available for users with the role of "Admin" for the Drake User Manager.

Use Manage Accounts to make changes to existing users and to add users.

Edit or Delete User 

To edit or delete an existing user, choose Manage Accounts from the menu on the left.

In the grid, click on the user's email address under the Username column. Note that you can also filter or search for users in the grid. 

User details are displayed. Click the hamburger menu to: 

  • Edit User
    • This allows you to make changes to their first name, last name, email address, and status.
    • If you need to disable (but not fully delete) a user, select Edit User and toggle the option for status to Disabled and Save
  • Delete User
    • Use caution when selecting this option. 
  • Clear Security Questions
    • User is prompted to choose new security questions the next time they log in.
  • Disable Two Factor Authentication
    • Allows the user to receive an email verification code instead of the authenticator app that was configured. This can be used when a user changes their mobile device without reconfiguring their account access. 

On the Application Access tab, configure their access to Drake Apps, such as the User Manager and the Drake Software Support Website. Existing permissions for each application are shown. Click the icon that has a silhouette and a gear  to edit their roles for the listed application.  

If another application should be added, select it from the drop list and the configure their permissions for the app. In this example, the user has only been given access to the User Manager

To allow them to access the Drake Software Support Website, you must select it from the Select Application drop list. 

Once you choose the application from the drop list, select which role(s) the user should have in that application. At least one role must be selected before you can click Submit.


Available roles for the support site include: 

  • Admin (allows access to all of the items listed below)
  • Account & Banking
  • User (should be chosen when the person is not an Admin, but needs access to other sections)
  • EFIN Management
  • Online EF Database
  • Efile Password
  • Reports > E-file Lookup
  • Reports > Bank Products
  • Reports > MOM
  • Reports > Add on Fee
  • Reports > Protection Plus
  • Reports > DIY Referrals
  • Reports > ABC Voice
  • Reports > Contact List
  • Reports > Manage Saved Reports
  • Reports > Manage Suppressed Returns
  • Reports > Returns
  • Reports > Checks
  • Reports > Fees
  • Reports > 94x
  • Reports > Fraud
  • Reports > EF Summary
  • Reports > Preparer Summary
  • Reports > Zip Code Summary
  • Reports > Returns Summary
  • Reports > Returns by Ack Summary

Available roles for Drake Portals include: 

  • User
  • Owner
  • Admin

Add User

To add a new user, click Manage Accounts, above the grid of existing users, select Add User. Complete the required fields and click Save. Note that each user must have a unique and valid email address.

The new user is created and displayed in the list of all users. Note that this only creates an account with the role of "user" for the Drake User Manager application. If this individual should have admin level access to the Drake User Manager or access to any other application, access must be granted by editing the user and selecting additional applications and roles (see above for steps on editing users). 

Update Your Password

The Drake User Manager password expires after 180 days and must be reset. The next time you attempt to login after 180 days have passed, you are prompted to update your password: 

Follow the prompts to set up a new password. Note that your new password cannot match any of the most recent 5 passwords. For more information about password requirements, see Related Links below. 



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