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14945: AZ - EF Message 0017


How would I clear Arizona EF Message 0017 on an individual return?

Arizona EF Message 0017 states: 

AZ323 - Carryover Verification Required

Manual verification is required for this form. Please review the AZ323 screen Part 2 Available Credit Carryover section. Once satisfied, check the box to remove this message.

This EF Message is in regards to the AZ 323 Credit for Contributions to Private School Tuition Organizations. To be eligible to claim this credit, all of your contributions must be made to a Certified School Tuition Organization. You can determine if your contributions are eligible for this credit by checking the list of Certified School Tuition Organizations. For further instruction, review the AZ 323 instructions.

To resolve this EF Message, go to Data Entry > States Tab > Arizona > Credits Tab > screen 323 (School Tuition Organizations (STO)).

Review the numbers on this screen to ensure that the carryover amounts are correct. If they are correct, check the box that states I have verified the carryover amounts are correct.

If this is the first year that the taxpayer is claiming the credit, the box that states I have verified the carryover amounts are correct must also be marked to allow a current year credit to flow to the 323 screen and be updated to next year.

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