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15770: GA - Form G-1003 (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I prepare a Georgia G-1003 for e-file? 

Georgia requires all employers who provide Forms W-2 and Forms 1099 to recipients to file Form G-1003, Income Statement Return. The following information applies to filing the G-1003; for steps on generating and e-filing the GA W-2, see "State W-2 - Creation and Upload" in Related Links below. 

Note: The Georgia DOR provides both an "Import" and an "Upload" process for electronically filing Business Taxes for Withholding returns via their website. GDOR requires that you use the same filing process for all Forms W-2, 1099 and G-1003. When you create Form G-1003 for your client, DAS saves it as a .CSV file. .CSV files must be uploaded rather than imported or an error will occur.


To create and e-file the G-1003:

  1. Create and process all Forms W-2, producing a Form W-3.
  2. Create and process all Forms 1099, producing a Form 1096.
  3. Go to Employees > State Tax & Wage Forms. In the State field, select GA. In the Forms field select G-1003.
  4. Refer to the totals shown on either Form W-3 or applicable Forms 1096. Verify all auto-filled entries, editing as needed, and enter the totals for whichever Forms (W-3 or 1096) were produced in Steps 1 and 2, which should include Number of FormsForm TypeGeorgia Taxable Wages, and Georgia Tax Withheld.
  5. Click Save/Print to produce a PDF form (which will be displayed) and the electronic file.
  6. Navigate within Drake Accounting® to e-Filings> Manage e-Files. Select the Client Code for the client being uploaded, and navigate to the Form G-1003. Click Open Location. (See Related Links below for more information on this process)
  7. Log into the GA DOR website, navigate to the appropriate page for uploading your client's G-1003 data.
  8. Browse to the location of the upload file, as found in Step 6. 
    • If the format of your file is incorrect, or if you have selected the wrong file type, you will receive an error message that your file cannot be accepted. Check your file and type selection and make the necessary corrections to continue uploading your file. If your format and file type selection are correct but there is an error within the file (such as an invalid cell format), it will identify the errors by row number.
  9. If necessary, continue to upload any GA state W-2 data file created in Drake Accounting®.
  10. If necessary, continue to upload any GA state 1099 data file you have created.

​​Files are usually processed within three business days. After a submission, two messages will be sent to your GTC account. The first message acknowledges receiving the file, and the second will be sent after processing the file. This second message will contain any errors found with the processed file that requires further action from the account holder.

Should the following error appear when submitting your forms, you may have used the “Import” process to upload the G-1003 file. Go back, and choose to upload the files instead (required for .CSV file type).

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