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15850: W-3 Contact Person (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I change the contact on the W-3 from my Firm info to the client?


The Contact Person and Email address on the W-3 are pulled from the Firm > Firm Information Setup screen. We understand this information is needed to attest to the accuracy of the W-2/W-3 in print and in the electronically transmitted file.

While DAS is designed to pull the information from the Firm setup, you can choose to use Client Contact Information for the Forms W-2/W-3 on the Client Setup section to override the default Accountant Information. This option is enabled by going to Client  > Add or Edit >  Federal Form Setup tab. Select the option Use Client Contact Information for Form W-3/W-3c. This option affects both the printed copies and the electronically transmitted file. 

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