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17333: Transmitting Federal Forms W-2/W-3 (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I transmit Federal Forms W-2/W-3? 


Note: An internet connection is required to transmit Forms W-2 and W-3 information to the SSA. 

Multiple employees of a particular client will be created into the file that lists the Client Code under e-Filings > W-2 > Transmit File. To view the information inside a selected e-File, double click an entry in the data grid or select the e-Files you want to open. Click the View Details button. 

Before you can transmit the W-2 e-File, it needs to be created. See here for more information about this process. 

If you will be submitting your Forms W-2 through Drake Accounting®, you do not need a BSO account for that transmission. In order to transmit federal W-2 e-Files through Drake Accounting®, you will need to opt in by checking the Transmit W-2 e-Files Through Drake Accounting checkbox in Firm > Firm Information Setup and accepting the contract. However, if you are not using Drake Accounting® to e-file Federal Forms W-2 or if you are transmitting a state W-2 e-file, a BSO account will be required.

The W-2 Transmit screen will look different based on whether you have opted to transmit Forms W-2 through Drake Accounting® or not. 

Note: Some of the links at the bottom of the screen when you don't transmit through Drake Accounting® are not applicable when you transmit through Drake Accounting®. Also, when you transmit through Drake Accounting®, you will be able to view your acknowledgements through the Acks Screen.

To transmit:

  • Once the file has been created, go to e-Filings > W-2 > Transmit File
  • All eligible files will be listed in the data grid.
  • WFID stands for "Wage File Identifier" and is used for resubmissions.
  • Year is the year of the Form W-2 that you are transmitting.
  • Date/Time is the date and time that the W-2 e-file was created.
  • Reconciliation Letter shows whether or not this option was checked when generating the e-File. In order to change it, go to e-Filings > W-2 > Create File screen and check/uncheck the box. See here for more information.
  • If the W-2 file has been tested with AccuWage, select W-2 files have been tested using AccuWage.
    • If the option to designate that the W-2 files been tested using AccuWage has not been selected and you attempt to click the link for the SSA website a prompt is displayed stating the importance of testing W-2 files with AccuWage and presenting the chance to go to the SSA website to test AccuWage.
      • Clicking Yes brings you to the AccuWage page to log in and continue the process.
      • Clicking No brings you to the SSA's BSO website to log in and continue the process.
      • If the upload file has not been tested with AccuWage Online and you wish to do so, click Go to the AccuWage Website. Enter your User ID and Password once the BSO website is displayed and follow the prompts. 
    • Click Transmit (if you've opted to transmit Federal W-2 e-Files through Drake Accounting®) or Transmit W-2 e-Files through your BSO Account (if you haven't).

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