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18529: PA - Schedule D Not Produced


Federal Schedule D is showing, but the PA Schedule D is not. Can I force the Pennsylvania Schedule D to be produced?


In an individual return, Pennsylvania Schedule D is not produced if the gain/loss is zero. (Review Federal Schedule D in View/Print mode.) However, you can force the PA Schedule D to be produced by following these steps: 

  1. On federal screen 8949, change the ST drop list to 0 to prevent the amount from being reported twice.

  2. Manually enter the sale on PA screen D, with the following exception:
    1. Enter the Sales Price with "$0.45" more than the Cost/Basis.
    2. Press CTRL + F to force the amount to be accepted.

      For example, if the actual sales price was $15,000, type 15000.45 and press CTRL + F to go to the next field. Then enter the Cost/Basis without any decimal amount (15000).

  3. Repair the return by pressing CTRL + Shift + R
  4. Recalculate, then view the return.
  5. PA D (SCHD0001) is produced in View/Print mode, showing zero gain or loss.

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