Reports - Schedule A Filers

How do I run a report to show me a list of taxpayers who filed Schedule A last year? 

With all of the changes to Schedule A itemized deductions beginning in tax year 2018, it may be helpful to run a report showing a list of clients who filed a Schedule A in the previous year. This will allow you to identify those clients who might have significant changes to their returns in Drake18. In order to run this report, follow these steps: 

  1. Open Drake17. 
  2. Go to Reports > Report Manager
  3. Under Client Reports > Client Contact choose Address List (Individual)
  4. Click Edit Report
  5. Add "Schedule A" to the Report Title to distinguish this report from the general report.
    • Add Available columns, if needed. 
  6. Click Next
  7. Under Filter Selection choose the report filter Clients with Schedule A
    • Change the sort/summarize option, if needed. 
  8. Click Save
  9. You will be returned to the Report Manager main window with your new report listed under the My Reports section.
  10. Select Address List (Individual) Schedule A and then click View Report
  11. Verify the selections on the Basic Search Conditions window and click Continue
  12. The report will display. Choose to Print or Export as needed.