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11066: 1040 - EF Message 5200

1040 Individual

Why do I receive EF Message 5200 on a joint return when the retirement plan is for the spouse, but the IRA contribution is for the taxpayer?

1040 - EF Message 5200 when there are entries for a deductible IRA on screen 4, as well as the indicator that the taxpayer is covered by a pension plan at work (checkbox on the 8606 and/or W2 screen). When these entries are made, even though different spouses are responsible for the IRA contribution and the retirement plan, the IRA contribution could be limited. You have to enter the IRA contribution on screen 8606 in order for the software to calculate the limitation.

Once the contribution amount has been entered on screen 8606, the software will generate a Wks 8606 IRA Deduction page in view mode. This worksheet mirrors the worksheet provided in the 8606 instructions, page 3.

Additional information on this limitation may be found in the 8606 Instructions, and in Publication 590-A.

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