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14711: 1040 - IRA Deduction Not Showing on Return

1040 Individual

The taxpayer contributed to an IRA, but no amount is carrying to Schedule 1, line 20. Why?

The IRA Deduction is subject to limitations related to the income of the taxpayer and/or spouse who is covered by a retirement plan at work. See the 1040 instructions for details. To determine why the IRA deduction is being disallowed on a return, in View/Print mode, review Wks 8606 IRA Deduction (formerly WK_8606N). Wks 8606 IRA Deduction is used to determine whether or not the taxpayer and/or spouse's IRA contribution qualifies for the IRA Deduction on Schedule 1, Part II, line 20 (Schedule 1, line 19 in Drake19-Drake20, Schedule 1, line 32 in Drake18, 1040 line 32 in Drake17 and prior).

If line 6 of Wks 8606 IRA Deduction is marked No for the taxpayer, and No for the Spouse if MFJ, then none of the IRA contributions are deductible on line 20, and lines 2-6 will be skipped. If line 6 is marked Yes, continue reviewing the worksheet to determine what else may be disallowing the IRA Deduction.

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