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11916: 1040 - EF Message 5073

Updating to This Year

How do I clear red message 5073 related to a 4562 updated from the prior year? 


When you update a return from the prior year, if the form selected in the FOR box does not exist in the return or is incomplete, Xs are shown in the FOR box and EF Message 5073 is displayed. Open the 4562 Depreciation Detail screen for the asset. You will need to either:

  • Delete it in this year’s return if it is not needed by pressing CTRL+on the open screen, or
  • Create the associated form in this year’s return and point the 4562 to it by using the FOR box.

EF Message 5073 appears in an individual return, and similar errors appear in other return types.

This problem can also occur when the activity type is not identified on the associated form in last year’s return. In that case, there are two alternatives:

  • Correct it in this year’s return by creating the associated form in data entry and pointing the 4562 to it by using the FOR box.
  • Re-update the return. If you want the associated form brought forward from last year, select the correct activity type on the associated form in last year’s return, and update again to this year.

Caution: Re-updating will overwrite any data entered since the previous update.

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