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16726: Update Settings from Prior Year (Drake19 and future)

Updating to This Year

How do I update my firm, preparer, setup options, and other settings from the prior year? 


Note: Information can only be carried forward. Drake Tax does not transfer information to prior year installations.

From the menu bar on the Home window of Drake Tax, select Last Year Data > Update Settings 20XX to 20YY. The Update Settings dialog box appears. 


  1. The update settings from drive drop list displays all drives where the prior year program is installed.
  2. Select the appropriate drive.
  3. Select the first item that you want to update. Choices include: 
    • Preparers
    • Firms
    • General Settings 
    • Federal Pricing
    • State/City Pricing
    • Letters
  4. When you select a category another window opens with the additional selections for that setting. Make your selections and click Update
    • To leave the setting without updating, press Cancel.
  5. A green progress bar may show the progress. When you are returned to the Update Settings window, a green check mark indicates that that category's settings have been updated from the prior year.
  6. Once you have brought forward all desired items, click Exit to return to the main window of Drake Tax. 

Firm Update

After updating your Firm, go into Setup > Firms and click Confirm beside your EFIN to ensure that the setup has been completed. 

Note on Pricing Updates

There were several enhancements to Pricing in Drake23. It is recommended that you review the enhancements made under Setup > Communications editor or by viewing a test return before updating your templates from the prior year. If you are updating Pricing, you can choose to just update the pricing from the prior year or increase your pricing by a designated percent. After making your selections, and entering a percentage (optional), click Update Pricing.

Note: Due to form changes, it is recommended to review your Setup > Pricing and make necessary adjustments to accommodate for these changes. There are several new forms that will otherwise not have pricing set.

Letters Update

There were several enhancements to letters between Drake18 and Drake19. It is recommended that you review the enhancements made under Setup > Communications editor or by viewing a test return before updating your templates from the prior year. 

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