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13272: Updating Deceased Taxpayer

Updating to This Year

I have a client who died last year. How can I pull forward their information for this year for their final return?

If the taxpayer died during the previous tax year, and you need to pull the return forward for any reason, you have to remove the Date of Death in the previous year on screen 1. Otherwise, when you try to update to the current year, the update fails and a report is displayed explaining why the return was not updated.


  • If you update the return, and enter the same date of death on screen 1 of the current tax year return, EF Message 1032 is produced:

INVALID DATES: When the taxpayer's "Date of Death" is entered on screen 1, the date must fall within the current tax year or processing year and must match data from the IRS Master File.

NOTE: For 1040-NR returns, be sure that the filing status selected on screen NR is "Qualifying Surviving Spouse (QSS)" if the spouse is deceased.

  • EF Message 1032 cannot be cleared because the year of death is not the current tax year. A return with this message cannot be e-filed.
  • If the date of death is still required for the prior year's return, return to screen 1 in the prior year return and re-enter the date of death.
  • A return with a deceased taxpayer/spouse may receive an IRS rejection when e-filed, even if there is no red message preventing e-file. See Related Links below for more information.

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