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13766: LinkBacks - See Where the Data Comes From

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Beginning in Drake15, when in Enhanced View Mode, you can use LinkBacks to see where a number comes from on the return.

When viewing a return in Enhanced View, you can use LinkBacks to help you locate the source of data on the return (the LinkBacks feature is not accessible in Basic mode).

Beginning in Drake15, LinkBacks are available for:

  • Main forms (Federal 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120S, 1065 packages)
  • Schedules A through F (Federal 1040 package)
  • Individual resident and nonresident main forms (all state 1040 packages)

Beginning in Drake16, LinkBacks are also available for these supplemental forms and worksheets in the 1040 package:

Form 1098_C Form 8283 Form W_2GU
Form 1099_G Form 8863 Form W2
Form 1099-R Form 8867 Form W2_XS
Form 2106 Form 8880 Schedule 8812
Form 2106EZ Form 8889 Schedule EIC
Form 2441 Form 8965 Schedule SE
Form 4562 Form W_2G WK_8812
Form 6251 DDASSIST - DD Checklist

To Access LinkBacks

  1. View a return in Enhanced View and select a form.
  2. On the form, right-click in a field and select Review Input Sources (LinkBacks) from the drop menu. The example below shows the drop menu for the data field on line 7 of a 1040 return.

    Note: For calculated lines, the dialog box is not available. The Review Input Sources (LinkBacks) menu option is disabled and indicates "not available."
  3. The LinkBacks dialog box opens.

The LinkBacks dialog box displays three tabs, each tab displaying two columns.

  • Tabs:
    • The All Sources tab (shown above) lists all sources from both the other two tabs.
    • The Data Entry tab lists data entry screens where data for the field might originate.
    • The Tax Forms, Schedules, and Worksheets tab lists relevant forms, schedules and worksheets that have been generated by data entry.
  • Tab columns:
    • The Source (Data Entry Screen or Tax Form) column identifies a possible source of data for the field.
    • The Source Entry column, when it displays an amount or a code, indicates that relevant data exists in the source identified on the same row.
  • To view a screen or form, double-click the item or select it and click View. In the example above for line 7 of a 1040, the All Sources tab of the LinkBacks dialog box shows income from wages, dependent care benefits, and taxable scholarships.

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