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14183: 1040 - EF Message 5429

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How can I clear EF Message 5429?

EF Message 5429 states: 

RESIDENCY DOCUMENTATION MISSING: The residency documentation for a qualifying child being claimed for EIC has not been indicated on Form 8867.
Return to screen 2 for each qualifying child and complete the "Residency of Qualifying Child" section.

To clear this EF message, in data entry of the return, go to the General tab > screen 2 - Dependents. In the center of the Dependent Information screen is the section labeled Residency of Qualifying Child. (In Drake 2023, go to screen 2 > Due Diligence tab). This section requests that you indicate which documents you relied on to determine EIC or Child Tax Credit eligibility for this qualifying child to meet your due diligence requirements -- select all that apply. This step will need to be completed on each qualifying dependent's screen. Once a selection has been made, the message should be cleared. 

For more information on EIC due diligence, see IRS Publication 4687.

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