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16310: Prerequisites for e-File Functions (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: What is needed to use the e-filing functions in DAS?


Processing, printing and e-filing of 94x, W-2, 1099 and State Wage Reports are available only when the full program is installed, which requires a licensed serial number.

94x Package

To e-file 94x returns to the IRS, you need:

  • An active, valid EFIN that includes specific authority for you to e-file 940 and 941 returns.  Go to e-services - Online Tools for Tax Professionals to apply for an EFIN or to modify an existing EFIN.
    • You must have or set up an IRS e-services account to do this.
  • An appropriate IRS-issued PIN if you file as a Reporting Agent or as a Business Taxpayer. 
  • The correct EIN and Name Control for your firm and for each employer for whom you e-file.

W-2 Package

To e-file W-2s to the Social Security Administration BSO website, you need:

  • ​A user ID and password assigned by the SSA.

Note: If you do not need to transmit any State W-2 e-Files, you can opt in to transmit Federal W-2 e-Files through DAS without a BSO account.

1099 Package

To e-file 1099s to the IRS, you will need from the IRS:

  • A Transmitter Control Code (TCC).
  • A FIRE (Filing Information Returns Electronically) account.
  • A specific approval based on a test e-filing, if the state to which you intend to file participates in the Combined Federal/State Program.

State Wage Reports

DAS creates a quarterly electronic submission file for many states.  These can be created by entering payroll checks (Live or ATF) or using the On the Fly module. 

For more information on what information or accounts need to be setup for each individual state, browse KB category Drake Accounting > States.  Each ​​state to which you can e-file a state wage report is covered by an article appearing in this category that explains the state e-filing process. 

See Related Links below for information on software setup requirements to e-file returns from DAS.


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