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18059: Support Website Overview

Support Website + User Manager

What are the different sections of the Support Website? 


Account Menu

  • Account Info - Choose Account Info to view and edit the information associated with your Drake account, including company address, contacts, and ownership info. See KB 10436 or details.
  • Bank Application - Bank products are a popular way for your customers to get their refunds sooner, and to have your fees deducted from the refund. See KB 10797 for details. 
  • Direct Deposit Information - Update direct deposit info for your add-on fees and Bank Rewards (if you partner with a bank product provider).  
  • E-file Password - Manage your Drake e-filing password from within the Drake Support website. See KB 10436 or details.
  • Manage EFINs - See KB 11426 for details.
  • Serial Numbers - Access your current and prior year serial numbers for Drake Tax and Drake Accounting.
  • Shipments - If you have purchased the CD service, you can track your shipments here. 
  • Software Purchase Assistance - See KB 14076 for details. 
  • User Info - Shortcut to the Drake User Manager. See KB 17861 for details. 
  • DIY Referrals - The referral program is available to any Drake customer. When you provide your customers a referral link to, and the customer files their taxes with, you can earn a referral fee. (Customer returns are e-filed under Drake's EFIN, and Drake assumes the applicable preparer liability.) See KB 11727 for details. 
  • Consumer Rights Information Page

Reports Menu

Contains the following reports (may vary depending on the permissions granted in the Drake User Manager, and what products you offer): 

  • Add-on Fees
  • E-file Status Lookup
  • E-file Detail Lookup
  • Returns
  • Bank Products
  • Checks
  • Fees
  • MOM
  • Contact List Report
  • 94X Report
  • ABC Voice File Download
  • Suppressed Returns
  • EF Summary
  • Preparer Summary
  • Zip Code Summary
  • Returns Summary
  • Returns by ACK Summary
  • Reject Overview
  • Protection Plus Enrollments
  • Protection Plus Summary

Purchasing Menu

  • Purchase or renew Drake Tax or Drake Accounting
  • Sign up to offer Drake E-Sign, Drake Portals, or GruntWorx
  • Purchase W-2 Imports or Custom Office Supplies

Products Menu

  • Audit Defense - Sign up to offer audit protection through Protection Plus. See KB 11660 for details. 
  • Drake e-Payment Center - The Drake E-Payment Center website ( is a convenient option for taxpayers who want to pay their tax bill at their convenience after their return is filed. See KB 11964 for details. 
  • Drake Portals - Get your own secure website with Drake Portals (on the domain), for safe client file exchange and off-site backup. A free trial is available. See KBs 10307 and 10351 for details. 
  • e-Pay Card Processing -  accept your customer credit card and debit card payments through Drake Tax. See KB 13485 for details. 
  • e-Sign - Drake E-Sign allows you to get electronic signatures from your customers. It’s available in two options:
    • Drake e-Sign – In Person, using a signature pad in your office. See KB 11638 for details. 
    • Drake e-Sign – Online, which lets your customers sign documents remotely. You can send the customer documents through Drake Portals, and the customer can sign them on their mobile device or computer. To use Drake E-Sign – Online, you will need a Drake Portals account, and need to purchase E-Sign Events. Purchase e-sign events on the Purchasing > E-Page menu. See KB 15269 for details. 
  • GruntWorx - GruntWorx is a secure tax preparation automation tool that replaces manual document organization and data entry. See KB 10680 for details. 
  • TheTaxBook Drake customers can purchase TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus at a discount. Get affordable and fast online tax research, and have the most up-to-date tax information at your fingertips. Beginning with Drake Tax 2020, you can click a contextual link within the software to access tax research at TheTaxBook. The link will take you to relevant information for the form or schedule you’re working in. See KB 13720 for details. 
  • W-2 Imports - See KB 10796 for details. 
  • Bank Product Partners - Bank products are a popular way for your customers to get their refunds sooner, and to have your fees deducted from the refund. Explore the Bank Product Partners section of the Products menu to learn about our bank product partners and get an overview of their product offerings. See KB 10797 for details. 

Support Menu

  • Contact Us - Provides the email addresses and phone numbers you may need to contact Drake Software. Also see KB 10888
  • Knowledge Base - You're here! Use the search and browse to locate articles regarding a variety of software and tax information. See KB 12525 for tips.
  • Documents - A one-stop download page for Drake product manuals, release notes and federal and state e-filing details.
  • Drake Software Status - link to the Drake Software Status website. 
  • Customer Surveys - Provide your feedback about Drake Software products, and help us keep improving to meet your needs.
  • Review Products

Downloads Menu

Download Drake Tax, Drake Accounting, and Conversion programs.

Training Menu

  • Passport to Success
  • Classroom Training
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Practice Returns
  • Videos
  • Update Schools
  • Drake User Conferences
  • Update School Video
  • DrakeCPE
  • CPE Information

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