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16279: Drake Tax - Installing to a New Computer

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How do I move Drake Tax settings, clients, and files from one computer to another? 


When you get a new computer that will be replacing your current computer, there are a few steps to move your installation to the new computer so that you can have all your setup and client files on that new computer. This process should be used when replacing your computer, not when you are adding a computer to an existing network. For more information about networking, see Related Links below. 

The process involves three main steps:

  1. Make a backup of your current Drake Tax installation.
  2. Install Drake Tax on the new computer.
  3. Restore the backup to that new installation of Drake Tax. 

Do not attempt to copy your Drake Tax installation from one computer to another.  

Make a backup of your current Drake Tax installation.

To get started, on your current computer you need to make a Backup of your setup and data file. This will be stored on an external device such as a USB or CD. Continue below for USB/external device backup steps. 

Only use a secure method to transfer your files. Dropbox or similar file transfer systems are not supported.

  1. Insert the USB drive in the USB port, if it is not already installed.
  2. Confirm that the USB drive is visible in Computer (or My Computer).
  3. Open Drake.
  4. Go to Tools > File Maintenance > Backup      .
  5. Select your backup location by checking the box Back up to local or network location
  6. Browse to and select your USB drive, then click OK. The USB drive is displayed as the backup location.
  7. Select Perform full backup and Include DD Archive Cabinet (optional).
  8. Click the Backup button to proceed.
  9. When the backup is complete, you are notified.
  10. Close or Exit the backup screen.

Note: Drake Portals users can make and store the backup in Drake Portals and then restore it to the new computer. See Related Links below for SFP Backup and Restore steps. 

Install Drake Tax on the new computer.

On the new computer, install a new version of Drake Tax from the support website. Detailed steps may be found in KB 10983

Restore the backup to that new installation of Drake Tax.

  1. On the new computer, insert your external storage device. 
  2. Open the new installation of Drake Tax. 
  3. Go to Tools > File Maintenance > Restore.
  4. At the bottom of the Backup and Restore dialog box, select whether you would like to restore from Local or network location.
  5. Click Browse to find the external storage device where the backup is saved.
  6. Select the backup that you want to restore in the Select Backup to Restore drop down.
  7. Click the Preview button to review your options and complete the restore process.
  8. The Restore Items From Backup dialog opens; select the Restore Everything option.
  9. Click the Restore button.
  10. The program will prompt you for a confirmation, click Yes to continue and complete the restore process.
  11. The program displays a Restore Progress dialog and will display "Restore is complete!" when it is done.
  12. Close the Backup and Restore window and return to Drake Tax.
  13. Click Tools > Repair Index Files > Repair All > Continue > select options (if needed) > OK

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